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Doctoral Degree Conferment Ceremony

Twice a year the nine faculties at Uppsala University come together to celebrate the conferment of new doctoral degrees. Apart from creating doctores iuvenes, at the winter conferment ceremony (held on a Friday in late January) the faculties also confer honorary doctorates. At the spring conferment ceremony (held on a Friday in late May or early June) the faculties are conferring jubilee doctorates to those celebrating their fifty years anniversary apart from conferring degrees upon doctores iuvenes.

Next conferment ceremony: 26 January 2018




Criteria to be met for conferment

You must fulfil the following two requirements:

  1. You must have satisfactorily completed all course work and other equivalent requirements for a doctoral degree before 1 November 2017. You must conscientiously comply with this; no exemptions from this requirement can be granted.
  2. You must have satisfactorily defended your thesis in a public disputation at Uppsala University by Wednesday, 24 January 2018, at the latest (No disputations are permitted on 25 May). Since many candidates defend their theses towards the end of the academic year and since the formalities of including the doctorate in your transcript may take some time, the Vice-Chancellor has declared that the degree may be conferred upon the recipient without presentation of a transcript.

One may participate in a Conferment Ceremony within three years of one’s doctoral disputation.

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