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Projects for quality- and educational development

Uppsala University works continuously with various projects to promote quality development and educational development.

Grant funding to remedy deficiencies in study programmes that were found to be of poor quality in the evaluations by the Swedish Higher Education Authority. Application deadline 2014-01-31.

CrED – Creative Educational Development at Uppsala University – has been a pan-University commitment. During the 2010-2011 period various pan-University activites were carried out to support ongoing developmental work within the disciplinary domains and faculties. This developmental phase was followed in 2012 by a concluding evaluation by an international panel of experts in education.

Every year the Division of Quality Enhancement issues a call for applications for grant funding. The purpose of the grant money is to stimulate and make it easier for teachers, teams of teachers and departments to conduct and implement developmental work in teaching in line with the objectives and intentions of the Programme for Teaching. Projects are to further the development of forms of teaching, examination and evaluation. For more information see project grants for educational development.