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Information about the Teaching and learning programme

The Teaching and learning programme at Uppsala University, a policy and action programme for teaching activities throughout the University, was adopted in the spring semester of 2008. Teaching and learning is intended for individual teachers and departments, for management at various levels and for students. By describing what is meant by high-quality teaching, the Programme is designed to function as a basis for discussion and to provide concrete support for educational development at the course and departmental level.

The programme is intended to clarify the different roles and responsibilities, both in regards to representatives of Uppsala University such as pedagogic leaders, deans and teachers, but also the responsibility of the individual student for his/her own learning and as support for his/her student colleagues.

The programme was revised during 2015 – 2016 and a revised version has been  adapted by the Vice-Chancellor April 2018.

See the Teaching and learning programme for more information.