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Categories of Nomination

Teachers who, according to one or several of the stated categories below, have made an outstanding pedagogical contribution that has benefited students’ learning can be nominated.

1. Contributions to Teaching

A recognized interest in and commitment to pedagogical development, as well as a recognized skill in teaching which involves the ability to reach excellent results through teaching, such as by:

  • creating a positive climate that stimulates the students’ commitment to and interest for the subject, which ultimately encourages the students’ learning
  • stimulating the students to become active learners, be creative and think critically
  • putting the course and subject into an understandable context for the students, and linking these to current research and international circumstances
  • integrating different forms of training skills in their teaching (e.g. oral and written presentations)
  • adapting their teaching to students’ different backgrounds and levels
  • giving the students constructive feedback on what each one has learned from different situations and what each needs to develop further
  • renewing and developing their forms of teaching and examination
  • using net-based teaching methods in a form that increases the value of students’ studies
  • incorporating perspectives on, for example, gender, diversity, sustainable development etc., in their teaching

2. Collaboration with Colleagues and/or Students towards Pedagogical Development

A recognized interest in and commitment to pedagogical development at the department in collaboration with colleagues and students, which, for example, shows their ability to:

  • encourage the students to carry on a continuous dialog with them about the forms and substance of their teaching, and use their students’ point of views to develop their teaching
  • create different ways of finding out the students’ views of how effective their teaching is and how it could be developed (e.g. evaluations during the course, through the Student/Course council)
  • motivate students and colleagues to take part in the development of goals and strategies for the teaching
  • takes initiative in different forms of collaboration at the undergraduate level with students, colleagues, other staff members, and teachers in other departments
  • finds new material and the forms of teaching together with colleagues (e.g. net-based teaching)

3. Pedagogical Leadership

A clear and acknowledged ability for pedagogical leadership with a recognized interest in and commitment to advancing the development of teaching, which, for example, shows the ability to:

  • make sure that new students are welcomed in a way that they can get on well and feel at home in the department
  • create different venues and methods for encouraging dialog between the students and the teacher
  • motivate students and colleagues to take part in the development of teaching goals and strategies
  • make sure that new ideas in teaching are carried out
  • follow-up on course evaluations and make use of the results
  • creates a positive atmosphere for discussion about pedagogical issues
  • initiates and brings about pedagogical development
  • initiates pedagogical activities for teachers
  • facilitates other teachers´ professional development
  • supports other teachers´ initiatives for pedagogical development
  • aids in the introduction process of new teachers
  • plans and leads pedagogical activities throuh a gender perspective
  • evaluates and follow-up on the effects of different pedagogical efforts
  • finds and uses financial and personnel resources to bring about pedagogical development

4. Dissemination of Positive Models and Results from Pedagogical Development

A recognized interest in and commitment to the dissemination of positive examples of pedagogical development into forums outside of one’s own Department/University.

  • renewing course material and distributing it to other teachers or departments
  • developing new forms of teaching and/or examination and sharing information about them with others
  • developing net-based material and forms of teaching and sharing information about them with others
  • writing course litterature or other teaching materials of good quality

Nomination Criteria Independent Pedagogical Award 2018