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The Independent Pedagogical Award

The Independent Pedagogical Award 2018

The Independent Pedagogical Award is dedicated to bringing out pedagogical achievements in a prioritized field that is subjected to annual choice and announcement. In 2018, the prioritized field is ‟Teacher Contributions and Pedagogical Development within Doctoral Education”.

The nomination should provide a clear and specific description of how the nominee has contributed to developing the research level of education in terms of improving the educational environment for doctoral students, including promotion of their learning and growth into independent researchers.

In addition to the regular nomination criteria provided, the following criteria will apply to this year’s theme, considering the fact that the nominee’s developmental work and/or teaching/ supervision activities should, for example, address the following:

  • developing and integrating courses or other educational components within doctoral education
  • establishing or making contributions to a good educational environment for doctoral students, including the conduct of seminars and sound research practice
  • enacting sustainable strategies for qualified supervision
  • inspiring and enabling doctoral students to acquiring and improving their pedagogical skills
  • contributing to promoting doctoral students’ international experiences and personal networks
  • supporting the integration of doctoral students into the international departmental and academic environment in Uppsala.


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