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The Independent Pedagogical Award

The Independent Pedagogical Award 2017

The Independent Pedagogical Award is dedicated to bringing out pedagogical achievements in a prioritized field that is subjected to annual choice and announcement. In 2017, the prioritized field is Teaching for development of ethical competence”.


The nomination should provide a clear and specific description of how the nominee includes ethical questions and attitudes in his/her teaching and strengthens the students´ ability to assess ethical problems consciously – all in all with the aim of developing the students´ ethical competence.


In addition to the regular criteria provided for the Pedagogical Award, the following criteria will be applied this year, taking into consideration a student-centered perspective on teaching and learning, with the nominee, for example, being expected to:

  • develop and use inclusive teaching activities which promote the students´ awareness of ethical questions and attitudes – as well as their consequences
  • provide opportunities for the students to discuss and problematize different ethical perspectives and values in order to develop their ability to form ethical opinions
  • stimulate and support the students’ capacity to identify, evaluate and manage ethical dilemmas and conflicts
  • make sure that students would have access to relevant information regarding what is allowed and not allowed in relation to examinations/degree projects and that students would be aware of the ethical aspects of this
  • contribute to furthering the pedagogical competencies of the teacher and his/her colleagues in terms of the development of the students´ ethical competence.


Categories of Nomination

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