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Review Committee for the Distinguished Teaching Award

Members of the Review Committee

Chair: Prorektor Anders Malmberg

Area 1 – Theology, Humanities and Educational Sciences

Teacher representative: Sina Tezel, Department of Linguistics and Philology
Teacher representative: Mats Persson, Department of History of Science and Ideas

Student representative: Vacant
Student representative: Vacant

Area 2 – Law and Social Sciences

Teacher representative: Lena Holmqvist, Department of Law
Teacher representative: Lars Fälting, Department of Economic History

Student representative: Alexandra Eriksson
Student representative: Malin Svanström

Area 3 – Medicine and Pharmacy

Teacher representative: Emma Lundkvist, Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences
Teacher representative: Leif Jansson, Department of Medical Cell Biology

Student representative: Amanda Lindberg
Student representative: Minna Zakrisson

Area 4 – Mathematics, Science and Technology

Teacher representative: Ingrid Ahnesjö, Biology Education Centre
Teacher representative: Bengt Carlsson, Dept of Information Technology

Student representative: Cecilia Bergström
Student representative: Cornelia Svärdström

Officer from the Division of Quality Enhancement: Jöran Rehn, educational developer
Secretary from the Division for Quality Enhancement: Charlotte Sundström, administrative coordinator

The mandate period is three years for teachers (2016-01-01 till 2018-12-31) and two years for students (2018-01-01 till 2019-12-31).
The mandate period may be extended once.


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