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The Pedagogical Awards

Information about the Pedagogical Awards

Uppsala University annually awards five pedagogical prizes for outstanding contributions within education at basic level as well as advanced level.

The prizes of SEK 20 000 each will be awarded at the Ceremonial Installation of Professors in November.

Four of the prizes are allocated for teachers in the following fields;

Theology, Humanities and Educational Sciences
Law and Social Sciences
Medicine and Pharmacy
Mathematics, Science and Technology

The fifth prize is awarded to pedagogical contributions within a particularly prioritized field chosen and announced annually. This prize is called The Independent Pedagogical Award.

Prize winners 2018
Theology, Humanities and Educational Sciences, Johan Eriksson, Department of Art History

Law and Socia Sciences, Ylva Ekström, Department of Informatics and Media

Medicin and Pharmacy, Jörgen Bengtsson, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Mathematics, Science and Technology,  Björn Victor, Department of Information Technology

The Independent Pedagogical Award, Orsi Husz, Department of Economic History

How to Nominate?

The nominationform for 2018 will be open between 15 January to 18 March 2018.

In May 2018 we will present the winners of the Pedagogical Award 2018.


To choose laureates we need to know how your nominee works within the categories of nomination described below. Descriptions of all four categories is by no means mandatory, it does however give the drafting committee a more comprehensive picture of how your nominee fulfills the requirements for the award.


The categories of nomination

Nomination criteria

More information
For further information about the Pedagogical Awards, please contact