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How will you document your teaching qualifications?

What actually constitutes good academic teaching? How can you document your teaching qualifications? Can teaching qualifications be assessed fairly? Should there be special reward systems for excellent teachers, and what should they look like?
These questions are highly relevant and topical, not only for individual teachers and for students but also for the University’s quality work.

Portfolio of teaching qualifications

  • How do you compile a portfolio of your teaching qualifications?
  • Is the portfolio of teaching qualifications a good tool for assessing qualifications?
  • What do regulations have to say about portfolios of teaching qualifications?
  • Can teaching skill be assessed, and, if so, how?
  • How can a certificate be written to truly attest skills in teaching?

There are many questions surrounding the documentation of teaching skills and qualifications. The Division for Quality Enhancement, is happy to participate in discussions, planning and various educational efforts regarding these issues.

Portfolio of Teaching Qualifications – see videos about portfolios of teaching qualifications. (Change to the Swedish site).