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Information about the application

Information about how to register:
Please click on the link Submit. Click on Log in with general Web log-in, (on the left-hand side of the screen). Enter your user ID and password A as an employee at Uppsala University. Please note that you must have an e-mailaddress at Uppsala University to apply and participate at the courses.
Fill in the information in the registration form. Only write numbers in the field "Number in total of teaching hours" not letters. Click on Apply at the bottom of the page. You will immediately receive a confirmation on your screen that your registration was received. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail at the address you entered.

When applying for Academic Teacher Training Course it is vital to complete the application form with name, telephone number and e-mail address of the responsible head of department/director of studies/supervisor. Be careful as to checking the correctness of this information.
The application system will automatically send a question by e-mail to your head of department/director of studies/supervisor asking for an approval of your participation in the course. If you have applied for more than one course opportunity there will be an e-mailed question for each of them and they all need to be replied to.
It is your own responsibility to make sure that your head of department/director of studies has given his/her approval of your application before the last date for application.
If we have not received an approval from your head of department/director of studies before this date, the application will not be considered.

Course Credits
Information about the extent of our courses is usually provided in terms of how many work weeks the participant will be subjected to training on a full-time basis. When completely finished with the course, a certificate is issued to the participant making this fact clear.  The University Management at Uppsala University has stipulated that each Faculty is responsible for making their own decisions as to whether course credits are to be given to the participant or reduction of the participant´s working hours offered instead. In some cases, these issues are delegated to the departments to allow them to make their own decisions. We recommend any party concerned to regard one work week on a full-time basis as equal to 1.5 higher education credits (i.e., 1 credit, given the former credit system in Swedish higher education).