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The Conference for University Pedagogical Development

Liberal Arts, Education, "Alternative Facts" and Factual Resistence - The Role of The University in Society

Every other year Uppsala University arranges the Conference for University Pedagogical Development.

Organizer is Division for Quality Enhancement.

Teachers and researchers at Uppsala University are invited to spend an intensive conference day sharing their knowledge and experience of teaching and educational development and to avail themselves of the immense aggregate knowledge within the University. The conference is intended to serve as a forum for enhanced cooperation across subject and discipline boundaries, to provide an opportunity for participants to enhance their own teaching qualifications and find new inspiration.

Next conference will be October 12 2017 at Campus Blåsenhus.
Registration and Call for papers will open April 18.

Last day of registration was September 28.
In case of special diets please fill in the comment in the notification.

Programme (in Swedish).

Presentation Åsa Wikforss.

Call for papers.
Conference abstract instructions.
Last day Call for papers was September 6.

Very welcome!

If you have any questions, please contact

You can find recorded lectures from previous conferences at the Swedish webpage.