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Direct Award Contracts (DACs)

Direct Award

Before you submit a request for Direct Award, check if a valid framework agreement already exists for the goods or services you intend to purchase.

Direct Award is carried out by the department/equivalent. The buyer has economical responsibility. We assume that you as a contact person is authorized to carry out direct award and that the purchase is supported, both financially and in terms of the needs, by the head of department / equivalent. We also assume that the department has permission for the work to be performed as such is required by law and regulations.

Control before Direct Award

If a valid framework agreement does not exist, we can help you to check whether it is possible to perform a Direct Award. We will check if the University already has purchased goods / services of the same kind. However, we can not guarantee that the limit for Direct Award has been exceeded due to purchases made without our knowledge. Swedish Competition Authority (the regulatory agency for procurement) or any other party may examine your purchase and submit it to department authority.

Please fill in the form for Direct Award if Direct Award exceeding 50,000 SEK. You should receive a response within 1-3 working days.

The total cost for Direct Award of the same kind of goods or services must not exceed SEK 534 890 for the entire University during a financial year. Please note, that it is not permitted to divide a purchase into smaller parts to fall below SEK 534 890 and that the amount also must be calculated over the entire contract period. If a contract is signed for two years, and the annual cost is SEK 270 000, the total cost will be SEK 2 x 270 000 = 540 000, which means that Direct Award is not allowed. Please contact us if you perform recurring purchases of similar goods or services over several years.

Registration of Direct Award Contracts

Direct Awards exceeding SEK 50 000 shall be registered in the journal system W3D3, series UHD.

Instruction for registered in the journal system W3D3

Evaluation Template direct award

How to make a Direct Award

When making a Direct Award you should ask several suppliers in the relevant market. Send them an e-mail with requirement specification and a contract template, which the supplier should accept. If needed, you can also submit a standard agreement, for example ALOS 05 for goods. When you have decided on a supplier, you must check that they have paid their taxes and social security obligations before you can sign the contract.

For more information see, Workflow Direct Award, which is a guide that describes the process of Direct Award.

Requirement specification

Templates for requirement specifications

Attach Alos 05 for the purchase of goods (example of standard contract). 

When buying IT-service contact to get the correct standard (ex. Agreement 90).

Contract Templates

When procuring an ordinary goods, use the template contract goods.

When procuring goods that requires intake, installation, function control and/or training, use the template contracts goods installation.

When procuring services, use the template contract services. If goods also are procured, add relevant clauses relating to delivery etc. from the template contract for goods.

The templates contain commentary boxes with instructions; visible when the review function in Word is activated. Remember to remove the commentary boxes and to write department-specific information in the fields marked in yellow before printing a copy of the contract.

Control of the supplier

Uppsala University is only permitted to engage suppliers that have paid prescribed taxes and social security fees in the countries where they are registered.

Before signing a contract with a Swedish supplier:  Download the form SKV4820 by typing "SKV4820" in the web page's ( search function. Fill in company name and corporate identity number and send the form to Skatteverket (Swedish Tax Agency) who will return information about what kind of tax card the company has, whether it is registered for VAT, pays employer's contribution and whether the company owes any tax to Kronofogden (Swedish Enforcement Authority). Please note that if you engage a single proprietorship without an F-tax card you must, apart from the invoice, also pay employer's contribution and social security charges. lf you have any questions, please call Skatteverket, telephone no. 0771-567 567.

Before signing a contract with a supplier from another country, ask them to send documentation verifying that the company is registered and that it has paid tax and social security contributions in the country where it is registered.

  1. Submit a copy of your company registration certificate issued by a competent authority or equivalent in the country where your company is established to verify that your company fulfils existing demands of company registration.
  2. Submit a certificate from a competent authority or equivalent in the country where your company is established showing that your company has paid prescribed social insurances, taxes and other fees. The document must not be older than two (2) months before the day you receive this request.


Duty-free import

Scientific instruments purchased from countries outside EU may be exempted from import duty (3-4% of the value).

Download the application form for exemption from duty by typing "Tullfrihet för vetenskapliga instrument" ("Exemption from duty for scientific instruments") on the web page's ( search function. Send the application form, information about price (signed contract/order confirmation), information about the instrument (brochure) and the commodity code/Combined Nomenclature (KN) number to Tullverket (Swedish Customs). Contact the supplier to obtain a KN number and notify them that you intend to apply for exemption from duty. Ask the supplier to forward the received permit to the forwarding (shipping) agent.

Submit the application as quickly as possible. The application must be approved when the instrument arrive in Sweden. Tullverket has a turnaround time of several weeks and does not approve applications received after goods arrive from abroad. lf you have any questions, call TullSvar, telephone no. 0771-520 520


Note! Don't forget to register your procurement