Procurement at Uppsala University

The Public Procurement Act (SFS 2016 1145), regulates purchase of goods and services made by Government Authorities

Purchase is performed according to the following order of precedence:

1. Uppsala University's own Framework Agreements

  - Primarily use the  Framework Agreements in our e-commerce system       Produktwebben  

   - Secondarily, use the Framework Agreementsin our contract database

2. Framework Agreements procured for all Government Authorities

3. Direct Award, information, and support documents.

4. Submit a procurement assignment, if the purchase value exceeds 586 907 SEK.

Always check (regardless of the purchasevalue) if the university has procured an own framework agreement for the goods or services to be purchased.

Primarily, use the Framework Agreements present in our e-commerce system Produktwebben. Please note that within certain groups of goods, our suppliers only show a limited part of their assortments. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact the Procurement and Purchase office. In most cases, suppliers can provide the requested goods when we ask them, otherwise they can often present some equivalent goods.

For services or if a certain group of goods is missing in Produktwebben, use the framework agreements in our contract database.

If the university has no framework agreement, search among the Framework Agreements procured for Government Authorities.

If no Framework Agreement exists, a procurement has to be made. For amounts below 586 907 SEK, follow the instructions for Direct Award. For amounts over 586 907 SEK, give us a procurement assignment. Note that financing must be settled before the procurement assignment is submitted, for more information, see procurement assignments.

Contact information
Questions about Produktwebben: or phone. 018-471 77 88 (Mon-Fri. 09:00-11:00 and 13:00-15:00).

Questions about procurement: or phone. 018-471 79 22