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Student accounts and registration

Admission results come to Uppdok
Admitted students and reserves are entered into Uppdok

Account activation opens
Students are informed via their admission notices how they should apply for a student account and get registered.

Admitted students activate their student accounts
Admitted students log in via

The following modes of registration are possible:

  • Account at
  • Account at eduID
  • Account for employees and others working at UU
  • Onetime passcode via reception

The student fills in the account application form, chooses his/her own password and accepts the user regulations for student accounts at Uppsala University.

The student account is activated directly, and the student is referred to Student Portal for registration.

Admitted students log in to Student Portal

The start page shows what courses and study programmes each student is admitted to.

The student registers

Information about when, where and how the student is to register is found on the course page in Student Portal.

If registration is to be done in Student Portal, the student can register directly.

The administrator enters a definitive registration in Uppdok.

Remember that it is important to set up information about course registration in Student Portal regardless of whether registration is to be done in the portal or via roll call. This will clarify the process for admitted students, reserves and support staff, etc.

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