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Information for mentors

Welcome as a mentor!

As a mentor you will provide students with tools and strategies to be able to plan their studies on their own.

Being a mentor may include prioritising different tasks, clarifying schedules, finding information in the Student Portal and checking how the work proceeds. The mission is carried on during the semester. If the student wants to meet after the semester he or she can contact the mentor coordinator to discuss the possibility to do that.

When you become a mentor, the university offers a free lecture about neuropsychiatric disorders and mental illness. The university also offers following-up of your mentoring with the opportunity for discussion and guidance. When you have worked as a mentor, you can get a certificate.

In the mentor’s handbook (only in Swedish) you will find helpful hints on what it is like to be a mentor.
Here is a weekly schedule that you or the student can use when planning the studies.


The assignment as a mentor is one hour a week per student. The reimbursement is 120 SEK/hour (plus 12% holiday allowance).

To receive reimbursement, you must report your meetings on the form at the end of each semester, see below.

Provide details of all of the meetings you have had and submit the form.

If you need a certificate of employment during the semester, all of your meetings must be reported.

If you are a mentor to several students you can report all your meetings on the same form.

What entitles you to reimbursement?

  • Implemented meetings.
  • The start-up meeting with the student and the coordinator.
  • When a student and you have scheduled a meeting and the student does not show up. The exception is if you have received a cancellation two hours before the meeting. If more than three missed or cancelled appointments, contact the mentor coordinator.

What does not entitle you to reimbursement?

  • The mentor introduction.
  • Supervision and training during the semester.

Tax and tax adjustment

30% tax is deducted directly from your reimbursement. If you do not want the tax to be deducted, you must request tax adjustment by the Tax Agency (Skatteverket). The decision on the adjustment should be submitted along with your reimbursement form.

The reimbursement is paid through the Nordea bank. If you want the money deposited in another bank, you must notify Nordea. This is done by filling in the form from Nordea.

Payment takes place on the 25th of every month, provided that the form is submitted no later than the 31th of the previous month.

Reimbursement form

You must fill in a reimbursement form for every month, save them and then submit all the forms at the end of each semester.

Download the reimbursement form to fill in the time you have been working. The form is updated regularly, be sure to download a new form each semester.

The form is electronic and should be sent to:

Below you can see a correct completed form. Click on the form to enlarge the image.