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Information for notetakers

Thank you for sharing your notes!


As a notetaker, you receive 120 SEK (Swedish Krona) per day.
Paid holiday allowance adds an additional 12 percent. If you share your notes with more than one student from the same course you get a supplement of 120 SEK per week.

For questions regarding your compensation, call the Personnel Department: 018-471 66 77 

Note! In order to be a note taker you must have a Swedish personal identity number.  A Swedish personal identity number is obtained when you are registered in the Swedish population register


30 percent taxes is deducted from your income. If you do not want tax to be deducted, you must first apply for tax relief, a tax adjustment request (jämkning) at the Swedish Tax Agency.

If you are granted a relief, this decision about tax adjustment from the Swedish Tax Agency should be sent to us together with the filled out compensation form.

Income tax for nonresidents

Special tax rules apply if you do not have a  Swedish personal identity number and/or if you plan to stay in Sweden for less than six months.
We can help you with further information if you contact us via e-mail:


Uppsala University uses the Swedish bank Nordea. If you want your money deposited in another bank you must notify Nordea. This is done by filling in the form to notify Nordea of the change.
Link to Nordea form.

Instructions for notetaking

  • Write neatly, preferably with headings and subheadings
  • Allow some space between the lines
  • The easiest way is to write the notes on your computer and then send them by e-mail. If you or the student want to make copies of your notes, contact your department for help.
  • Make sure to provide the notes after each class, the same day. Come to an agreement with the student.
  • Every semester that you act as a notetaker, the student must notify us.
  • If you are unable to take notes at a class you must arrange for someone to replace you. 

Compensation form and schedule

By the 31th of every month, you must submit both the form for compensation together with a schedule of the student's course or program.

Download a new form each time

The compensation form is regularly updated so we would ask you to kindly return to this page each time you send in your hours. 

Download and fill in this compensation form.
(Note that the form is in Swedish)

Send the form to:

A form that is filled in correctly

Write the name of the student in your e-mail to us, not on the form. If you have trouble filling in or sending the Excel-form, you can use the computers at your department. These computers are equipped with Excel. 

Click on the form to have it enlarged. For your convenience we have filled in the form and translated the Swedish original. 

If you have any questions, please contact us: