Damage reports and claims adjustments

In case of damage on property, consequential damages or indemnification liabilities, a damage report must be drawn up as soon as possible. Please use the damage report form to report insurance damage.

The damage must be reported in writing within a month of the discovery. If the report is sent in later the insurance compensation will have a 20% reduction. 


The excess is 2 price base amounts. The price base amount follows the price trend in Sweden year after year and is set by the government.

In case of damage the department itself will pay the excess.

In case of consequential damage there is no excess.

In case of damage by fire or water

Kontakta the RVR Service (Försäkringsbranschens restvärderäddning), phone number 020-32 23 22, and ask for an RVR Manager (RESTVÄRDELEDARE) according to the agreement with Kammarkollegiet.

Contact the security officer

A university security officer must always be contacted regarding a damage report. The security officer manages the internal damage investigation and maintains contact with Kammarkollegiet.