Sections of the insurance policy

  • Property insurance. Meant to cover the loss of University property. If property is damaged, the insurance will compensate for the acquisition of all restored property. Property not restored will be reimbursed according to the market value at the time of damage.

  • Consequential damage insurance. Compensates additional costs in connection to a property damage.

  • Liability insurance. Comprises the University indemnification liabilities and reimburses certain other costs.

  • Art insurance. Covers the costs for damages on art objects, restoration costs, etc.

Kammarkollegiet supplies a number of different insurance policies for public authorities. The Agency also deals with claims adjustments.
The insurance policies and all contacts with the Agency are handled by the University security coordinator.

Damage reports and claims adjustments

In case of damage on propery, consequantial damages or indemnification liabilities, a damage report must be drawn up as soon as possible. For more information, see how to report an insurance damage. Please use the damage report form to report insurance damage.

Risk management

To be able to insure University property we need to identify what risks of damage or loss there are, evaluate the risks and initiate suitable measures to prevent damage or loss. For more information, see risk management.

Other insurances

Apart from the property insurance the University has a number of other insurances