The responsibilities of the Chief Security Officer

Coordination, support and advisory regarding

  • Technical security measures; perimeter and shell protection, permit controls, alarms and alerts
  • Systematic fire prevention and protection
  • Crisis management
  • Risk management
  • Property insurance
  • Authority contacts within the security areas
  • Personnel training with a security focus
  • Information security
  • Surveillance

The overall security organization

The university organization regarding security is structured as follows:

  • The Vice-Chancellor has the comprehensive responsibility for the security at Uppsala university.
  • The Chief Security Officer coordinates the security work at the university, and acts as support and advisory to all heads of departments.
  • At each department the head of department is responsible for the security.
  • The campus management supports the heads of departments and handles coordination of the security work within the campus area.
  • All staff needs to actively work for improved security and notify their superior(s) of any shortcomings.