Contact SOS Alarm in case of immediate threat to life

  • Call SOS Alarm (00) 112 to contact rescue services, ambulance or police
  • Do not hang up until you have been instructed to do so
  • Specify a phone number where you may be reached, to allow SOS Alarm or the emergency service to call you back

University Hospital Emergency Entrance 018-611 00 00 (switchboard, around the clock)

In the event of a serious incident, call the University emergency number 018 471 25 00 if there:

  • has been, or is a risk of, serious personaly injury or damage to the environment or property
  • is a risk of damage to the reputation and profile of your own operations or those of the University
  • has been, or is a risk of, a serious impact on the operations of the department/equivalent or the University

Immediate need of security officer

In case of an immediate need for a security officer due to difficult situations, call 018-471 25 00 and request officer assistance. Be prepared to state the following:

  • Your name
  • Location (Uppsala University, department and address)
  • "We need immediate assistance from the security officer due to" 

The University´s alarm telephone number 018-471 25 00 is connected to a surveillance company switchboard. If the alarm-call operators are busy you may be placed on hold, but they will take your call as soon as possible.

113 13 In case of national crises or emergencies

Sweden's national number for information in case of serious accident or crises.