Burglar alarms and passage control system

Report errors in the burglar alarm or passage control system to the campus manager in question.


Sesam is a permit card administration system that provides the passage contrl system with all needed information on how admittance to buildings shall be done.
Sesam imports all necessary data from catalogue databases - student catalogue and personnel catalogue.
To obtain a permit you need to be registered in one of the catalogue databases.
The permits for entrepreneurs, visitors, etc are handled manually.

Permit handing out

The handing out of permits is done at the respective campus areas.

See also the guiding principles regarding permits.

Integrated burglar alarm / passage control system

The university has an integrated burglar alarm / passage control system supplied by Bravida Säkerhet.
The system has been installed on all campuses.
All administration of admittance authorization is done in Sesam, the control system.