ID cards approved by SIS

The University ID card can be used to show the right to be on University premises where one might not be known buy the other employees present, for example IT technicians, art curators, construction projekt leaders, security personell etc.

The ID card can also be used abroad, for example when visiting other universities with demands for authorization.

The Universitety ID card is a SIS approved Swedish identification paper to show that someone is an Uppsala University employee. It is not connected to the passage control system.

Cost of ID cards

The issue cost for an employee ID card is payed for by the employee's department. The cost 2015 is 200 SEK per ID card.

Ordering an ID card

Ordering an ID card is done by the head of department.

Orders are sent to the e-mail address

In the order the following must be present
* Name of the employee
* Purpose of the ID card
* Department or similar
* Contact information of the employee