Risk management prior to workplace changes

Prior to workplace changes*, the risks of work accidents or illness that the changes might entail for employees / students should be investigated and assessed.

The Head of department is responsible for the risk management being carried out and documented. Safety representatives and representatives of affected staff should participate in the identification and assessment of risks.

The documentation should clearly show how the identified risks can be addressed in order to be eliminated or reduced.

A template with instructions is included to support the head of department in carrying out risk identification and risk assessments with staff affected by the workplace changes.

* For example, reorganization (eg, staff reductions, mergers), relocation (refurbishment, new constructions) or changes in work methods.

The annual plan of work environment

To ensure a systematic and preventive work environment, each institution / equivalent should establish an annual plan for its work environment. The plan should be based on an assessment of work related risks. A template with instructions (Word format) is included to facilitate the development of the plan.

The plan is reported according to the VP instructions / orders to the University management.

Ongoing risk assessments

For risk assessments of ongoing work environment there are two forms available, "Simple risk assessment" and "Risk assessment using the risk matrix". "Simple risk assessment" is using low, medium and high risk, while "Risk assessment using the risk matrix" uses the probability and consequences on a 5-point scale for risk assessment.

General information about the systematic work environment

Work environment should be a natural part of the daily work of all employees and students. To regularly examine and assess risks in the work environment is part of the systematic work environment.

A good physical, mental and social working environment should characterize all the work at Uppsala University and thereby contribute to the successful operation of the University.