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Information for heads of department or equivalent

Heads of departments and units are in charge of local environmental work. The following information provides support in their day-to-day tasks.

As a public agency, Uppsala University is responsible for conducting its activities in such a way as to minimise their environmental impact. For the University, this means that its teaching, research and cooperation with society at large must take place with the least possible influence on the environment.

The areas where the University has identified its own influence are as follows:

  • sustainable development in teaching and research
  • waste management and disposal
  • procurement and purchasing
  • work-related travel
  • energy use
  • handling of chemicals.

Tools for local environmental work

  • For all these areas, there are guidelines that may be found under the respective headings in the navigation panel to the left. However, the University’s guidelines have also been specified and clarified in the checklist for environmental work’ document (in Swedish). This checklist is a good tool for local work on the University’s environmental issues.
  • The environmental representatives environmental representatives are appointed to support the heads of department or equivalent in their local environmental tasks and to be a link between central and local environmental work. Get the department’s environmental representatives to assist you in local environmental measures. 

If you have questions or concerns, email the environmental coordinator at