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Message and sentiment

Photographs and illustrations play a very important role in communicating with our target groups. The images are important for the sentiment and message we want to convey in different types of information materials such as brochures, advertisements, posters, reports, PowerPoint presentations, websites, display boards and so on. A conscious use of imagery allows us to control identity and recognition and give Uppsala University a more distinct image in relation to the surrounding world.

The imagery we employ is based on Uppsala University’s communication policy.

General guidelines for use of images

Images can fulfil a number of different purposes. They can, for example, be used to create a certain sentiment, feeling or mood, or to explain the content of a text.

Common to all the images used at Uppsala University is, however, the fact that they are intended to add something to the message we wish to convey and also to supplement the content of the text. Images should not be used solely for decorative purposes. The use of far-fetched metaphors should be avoided – they can be easily misunderstood. The choice of images should be appropriate for and tailored to the target group we are addressing.

Capturing everything in a single image is not always possible. A message that cannot be captured in the image can instead colour the wording of the headings, captions and text. Another method is to combine a number of images.

All images must be:

  • of a high technical quality, i.e. have sharp focus and exposure and be technically suitable for the medium (e.g. for printing or for use online)
  • realistic and reflect real circumstances

All use of images must comply with copyright law and with Uppsala University’s guidelines for equality and social and ethnic diversity.

Photographers commissioned by Uppsala University are required to follow the University’s guidelines for imagery.

Ordered images must be

  • supplied in digital form in JPG format, RGB
  • high resolution – at least 300 dpi
  • minimum approx. 20x30 cm
  • reproduced in natural colours (i.e. free from digital effects – such as various filters and effects found in image editing software)

Consent for photographs to be taken must now be documented in writing. The reason why the consent of students and staff must be sought is, as previously, the prevailing privacy and secrecy regulations in universities and university colleges. Each photographer has been given a consent form for this purpose. The completed form is filed by the person at Uppsala University who has ordered the photography services.