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Print, copy and scan your documents



eduPrint is a printing system for students and employees at Uppsala University that has been procured together with 13 universities in Sweden.
The eduPrint solution gives the user the possibility to print, copy and scan different types of documents. Students pay for the prints by either an e-wallet solution, Payex, or by purchasing printing vouchers, employees printing cost is invoiced to their department.


The eduPrint printers come in two sizes, the large multifunction printer with both A3  and A4 paper size printing and stapling functionality, and the more compact version with only A4 printing. Both models have print, copy and scan functions in both color/black & white and single- and double sided printing, copying and scanning.


Note! eduPrint can only be used on a computer or mobile device that is connected to the University’s wired network or the wireless network Eduroam.


With eduPrint there are multiple options on how to print:

  • Print from computer
  • Print from mobile device
  • Email your documents to eduPrint
  • Upload documents in the eduPrint-portal to webprint,

More information on printing: Print


The eduPrint printers also have multiple scanning options:

  • Scan to email
  • Scan to folder
  • Scan to Sunet Box cloud storage service

More information on scanning: Scan


Pricelist for printing

eduPrint has three levels for pricing; one for employees, one for students and one for visitors without an account at Uppsala University, for example the public visiting the university's libraries.


Where can I buy printing vouchers?
The printing vouchers can be bought at the reception desk / service center at BMC, Blåsenhus, Carolina Rediviva, Ekonomikum, Engelska parken, Segerstedthuset and  Ångström. The vouchers can be acquired with the value 20 kr, 50 kr, 100 kr and 200 kr. Note that not all receptions / service centers may have all vouchers.

What to do if the printer has run out of paper?

Printer paper is refilled by a service partner according to a schedule based on expected consumption for every printer. If the printer runs out of paper, there should be extra paper by the printer for any user to refill the printer. There should be extra paper by most printers, if not, contact the  who is responsible for paper handling between the refills from the service partner.


If you are experiencing problems or have questions about eduPrint
If you experience problems with eduPrint and cannot find your solution in the information about eduPrint on MP, contact your Local IT. You can also contact the IT Servicedesk on 018 – 471 4400 or