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Skype for business

Skype for business has the following functionality:

  • Text chat
  • Voice calls
  • Video calls
  • Multiparty calls (chat, voice, video)
  • Screen sharing

Please contact IT Servicedesk via or 018-471 44 00 for further assistance!

Follow the links below for quick-start guides in PDF-form:

Brief information to get you started.

Persistent chat rooms is not available for Mac, iOS and Android. 

Contact search

  • Search for forename/first namn surname.
  • To find users at other universities write their email address. However, please note that all universities do not use Skype for business!

Chat rooms

  • You can order a chat room by contacting
  • Specify desired name for the chat room and the amount of time it should exist.

Mobile devices

  • Skype4b is available for use with mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc).
  • The free app is available for download from AppStore/Google Play.  When logging in (login address) use your User identity, followed by ”” and your A password.
  • Under advanced/username you fill out USER\useridentity (USER\@aneboh .
  • Make sure you download Skype for Business and not the standard Skype client.