Personal certificate

The personal certificate can be used for email encryption and signing of emails and documents.

In order to use your personal certificate, you must first have done or do the following:

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Renew and revoke certificates

The certificates valid in time of one to three year (When this was written), you need to renew them. If you keep the old certificates you can still read old encrypted messages. If you do not renew the certificates, you can no longer send signed or encrypted messages.

If your certificate (the private part) goes astray, you must make a "revoke". You do this on the site

Verification of identity document

If you have not performed a verification of identity before ordering a personal certificate, your order will not be completed.
The ordering of a personal certificate must then be made after the verification of the identity has been completed.

Manual verification of identity document means that you display your identification document for an administrator who verifies that it belongs to you and updates that task in the University's directory and eligibility system. Verification of identity can be done in most receptions on our campus.

A complete list of places where these receptions are available, see
Click the blue info symbol in the one-time code box.

A valid identification document means the following:

  • Swedish valid identification document (ID card, driver's license or passport)
  • National identity card or passport for nationals in countries connected with the Schengen cooperation
  • Passport for other foreign nationals

Create a personal certificate on the certificate issuer's webpage

If you are not at your service desk then you should not continue. Do this only when you are logged in to your service provider.
Note: Certificates will automatically be downloaded to the computer that you use to create the certificate, so it is inappropriate to do this on a public computer or at an internet cafe or similar.

If your computer has the following operating systems, use the browser:

  • Linux Ubuntu use Mozilla Firefox
  • Mac OS use Safari (alternatively another browser that uses the operating system certificate archive).
  • Windows use Internet Explorer or Edge (or other browser that uses the operating system certificate archive).

Start the browser.

Go to

Write Uppsala University.

Click Start single sign-on.

Enter your user identity and password A. Click Login.

In Product field, select Premium if you have not received any other information from the intuition.

In Validity Period field, select how long the certificate should be valid.

In Email field, select your primary email address.

Select Click Request Certificate.

Accept the usage rules and click Generate Certificate.

The certificate is now downloaded and is in the certificate asset of the computer used when creating the certificate.

Back up the certificate

The backup is commonly referred to as the certificate file.
The certificate file is required when the computer is reinstalled, replaced, or if you need the certificate on another computer.

See guide below.

Install the personal certificate from a certificate file (back up)

See guide below.

Remove personal certificate from certificate archive

See guide below.

Personal certificate for secure email

The personal certificate can be used to sign and encrypt e-mail.

If you need help with personal certificates, contact your local IT at the campus department where you are active.

Lars-Eric Klinthage