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Network on Campus

Wireless connectivity Eduroam

For employees, students, researchers and staff from visiting universities and educational institutions to access the Internet.

What is Eduroam and guides on how to connect to eduroam with your computer or mobile device.

Guides on how to connect to Eduroam with your computer or mobile device.

Wireless network UU-Guest

Uppsala University has a WiFi network for guests which will give them Internet access for 24 hours.
Guests need a mobile phone to which we can send, by text message, username and password.
Guests connect to the network and a self-service page will show automatically.
After 24 hours, the guest can require a new account the same way.

Wireless connectivity UpUnet-S

University Uppsalaprovides the UpUnet-S network, for students at Uppsala University, students at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), guests with guest identity, employees at Uppsala University and student organisations can use the UpUnet-S network.

You must have an account to connect to UpUnet-S.

Students at some smaller university colleges are not able to use this network to connect to the Internet because these university colleges are not connected to the Internet via SUNET.

Guides on how to connect to UpUnet-S with your computer or mobile device.

Wired network

UpUnet for employees UpUnet-S for student organisations and the computer labs on campus provides by Uppsala University.  It is each campus/ department /student organisation that is responsible for the connection and computers connected to thes network.

Local IT support can block a computer lab so it can only be used by certain students.

Error reporting for network sockets in the university facilities should be made to the respective campus or IT administrator. Contact your local IT support.

Virtual private network (VPN)

If you are employed on Uppsala University and need to work remotely from home or have access to university resources during a mission. You can get access Uppsala University's VPN (Virtual Private Network).

You must first apply for the service.

Read the guide on how to install a VPN client on your computer or mobile device.

Lars-Eric Klinthage

Do you need more help? Contact the IT Servicedesk!