Cloud services

Cloud services

Cloud services, i.e. storage, functions, software, computer capacity and the like, are provided online. 

Uppsala University provides cloud services to make life easier for you, the staff. Using these cloud services involves certain requirements and every service is subject to special rules. It is essential to follow these rules when you use the service.

Among the University’s information guidelines, there are two special guidelines governing the use of cloud services: one concerning staff’s private use and one on security requirements for procurement. These guidelines are available on the web page entitled Guidelines and support documents relating to security.

The following cloud services are currently provided through the University:

·       SUNET Box file storage

·       Project tools through 
(more information will be available later)

Caution must prevail

The number of cloud services is rising steadily and they offer many advantages in terms of flexible storage and sharing of information, resource-saving IT operations, accessibility and more. At the same time, there is uncertainty about what may suitably or legally placed in the cloud. Cloud services are often provided by international companies that are subject to other countries’ legislation, and information stored in the cloud can, in practice, be handled in many different countries.

In cases where the information is deemed critical or essential to work, or where the information must neither be lost nor fall into the wrong hands or be used by any unauthorised person, caution must prevail in the use of cloud services. Encryption may be one way of protecting the information.

Cloud services must not be used for handling of sensitive personal data or confidential information.

Cloud services impose requirements on their users. It is important for you to have an overview of the type of information that you, your project, unit and/or equivalent have planned to handle in the cloud service concerned. Is the information worth protecting? In what different ways is it to be handled and made accessible? There are cloud services primarily for commercial use and services for private use. Sometimes the dividing lines between these categories may be unclear, especially for services that are generally available at no direct cost to the individual.