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Login and user account

The user account is an identity that consists of a username and password and giving access to the university services. Employees at Uppsala University can have one or more identities / user accounts, for example one identy as an empleyee and one as a student. 

You have to activate your account before starting to use it. To activate your account, use the web service

There are four different ways of  activating your user account:

  • confirmed user at
  • confirmed user at
  • emplyee- or student account at konto vid UU
  • one time passcode.

If you are not able to use any of the first three methods, then use the one time passcode to activate your account. Pick up your one-time passcode by presentening an approved identity card - eg Swedish driving license, national identity card or passport - at a desk, information desk or the equivalent somewhere at the University. The one-time code works for only four hours after reciving it! On there is a list of the places where it is possible to greecieve your one-time code. NOTE! Tap the i-icon at "login with one-time code" to see this list.
Exchange students create their student account on the spot using a one-time passcode.

If you have forgotten your password to the Joint Web Login, you must request a new letter with your user profile. Proceed to the web service just like you did when you activated your account.

If you forgot your password to a local system or intranet, you should contact the local IT support at the department or division.

Via the service User Profile you can change your password or create a temporary guest identity.

Join Web Login

The Joint Web Login service is used to prevent unauthorized access to the Uppsala University web services. It enables easier access for users to log onto the web services ensuring access to the all the services without having to log on and off between using the individual services.

Guidelines for Password Management 

As a user of the University's information systems, you are responsible for a good password quality and password protection. Read Uppsala University's guidelines for password management!