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Email at Uppsala University - employees

You will find guides on how to use your email software by following the listed links below. For instance, you can set up an out-of-office message, obtain a function mailbox or use a personal certificate for secure email. You will also find guides on how to set up email on your mobile or tablet.


Need more help
Finding answer to your questions on Microsoft's help pages.


Email Management Targets and rules

Forwarding external addresses are not permitted. See the decision

Global Directory


Outlook Web App (OWA) 2010

Outlook Web App (OWA) 2016

Guides relating to email

Auto-reply message
Guides describing how to activate an automatic response.

Let another person receive and reply to email messages, meeting requests and responses on your behalf.

Email signature
Guide describing how to create a signature for your email messages.

Empty the Deleted Items folder
Guide describing how to change the settings for the Deleted Items folder.

Forwarding or redirecting email to another internal email address in the Exchange organisation.

Functional email address
Designed for use by one user or a group of users

Functional email address type - Shared mailbox without an active account

Functional email address type - Fully functional account

- Shared mailbox without active account

Junk mail
Settings for handling junk mail.

Client configuration

Mailbox storage space
Guide explaining how to get information about the mailbox storage space.

Message source
Guides describing how to display the message source (email header) in an email message.

Open another person's mail box
Guides describing how to open another person's mail box.

Personal certificate for secure email

The personal certificate can be used to sign and encrypt e-mail.
In order to follow the guides below, you must have a personal certificate in the same certificate archive that the email application use. Go to the guide Personal Certificate, if it is missing.

Client Configuration

Sign and encrypt email in your email program
Wizard how to use sign and encrypt the e-mail.

Recover deleted items
Deleted items are stored for 365 days.

Sympa - mailing list
Create a mailing list and communicate with a group

Lars-Eric Klinthage

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