The calendar in Outlook and Outlook Web App

With Uppsala University's new email system, Exchange, you can not only manage your email, but also share your calendar. With the common calendar, it is now easier to book appointments for meetings, because you can see your colleagues' availability and busy time. 

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Outlook Web App (OWA)

Guides for Exchange calendar

Add a calendar
This guide describes how to add another user's calendar.

Book a room and equipment
It is still TimeEdit which is the university booking resource, but some rooms/equipment is not included in TimeEdit.
The following guide shows how to book a room and equipment eg bicycle, car, computer etc. in Exchange

Calendar Permissions
This guide describes how to change the permissions on your / your calendar / calendars.

Changing the default settings
This guide describes how to change the settings for the calendar in Exchange.

Importing Google Calendar
This guide describes how to download Google Calendar and import an iCalendar (. Ics) file into Outlook.

Meeting request
This guide describes how to invite other users to an appointment by sending a meeting request in Outlook.

New calendar
This guide describes how to add a new calendar on your Exchange account.

Send calendar by e-mail
This guide describes how to send your calendar as an Internet Calendar to an email recipient, and maintaining control over how much information should be shared. Your calendar information is displayed in the e-mail message body as an Internet Calendar attachment that the recipient can open in Outlook. You can do it in two ways and the result is the same.

Share calendar
This guide describes how to share your calendar with other people who have an Exchange account.

Subscribe to a Google Calendar
You can subscribe to calendars posted on Google Calendar. By subscribing to an Internet Calendar you make sure your Outlook copy of your Google Calendar is updated. Outlook periodically checks for updates on the Google Calendar and, if available, they are transferred to the calendar copy in Outlook.

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