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Support for the administrative systems

Uppsala University has many different assistive systems for operation and maintenance: The Administrative Systems. These Help systems are typically individually standalone tools that in itself has no Joint web login  and are administered by its own administrators. Below you will find links to websites with support and contact information for the various systems. The links to some systems will refer you directly to an email address where you can contact the support.

If you have problems with any of the systems you contact the system owner directly. The systems support is normally not handled by the University's central IT Service Desk, but some of the systems use Joint Web Login (CAS) and if you have questions that  concerns your Joint web login account, you should turn to IT Service Desk for help.

Uppsala University is the control center for the National Studies Administrative System called Ladok / Uppdok. On the following pages we provide information for Ladok Managers and IT Staff at the universities and colleges where we manage the operations.