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Long-term adjustment measures

Adjustment measures at Uppsala University are intended to avoid situations where there is a lack of work. Through proactive tasks and activities, the adjustment work is intended to contribute both to the advancement of the University’s activities and the longevity of the employees’ careers. The local collective agreement on adjustment funds is intended to contribute to the funding of the University’s long-term adjustment work.

Measures that may be fully or partially funded by adjustment funds according to the agreement:

  • Courses and training
  • Career guidance, supervision and mentorship
  • Exchange of professional skills
  • Partial pensions
  • Skill set analyses/equivalent
  • Associated measures within the framework of the agreement

The measures are intended to facilitate long-term adjustment, and thus constitute an additional layer of skills development measures alongside those normally funded by the employer. Measures financed by the Job Security Foundation are not paid for with these funds.

How does it work?

Whenever adjustment efforts are needed, the head of department/equivalent must contact a personnel specialist at the Human Resources Division to discuss any adjustment measures and any funding that may be required.

The head of department/equivalent applies for adjustment funding. The personnel specialists have a special application form that is to be used. The employer and the local employee organisations jointly preside over the adjustment funds, and allocation of adjustment funds requires that the measure fits the purpose of the agreement.

Employees may also contact their unions for more information.


Personnel specialists