Insurances at the university

Art insurance - covers the costs for damages on art objects, restoration costs, etc.

Health and parental insurance for doctoral students with stipends - insurance cover for doctoral students whose studies are funded through stipends.

International employees – information for the institution/department.

Liability insurance - comprises the University indemnification liabilities and reimburses certain other costs.

Personal injury insurance - as an employee at Uppsala University you are covered by a personal injury insurance during work hours and when traveling directly between the place of residence and the work place.

Property insurance - meant to cover the loss of University property.

Swedish State Group Insurance and Personal Insurance (GIF) - covers all international employees, scholarship holders, doctoral students and accompanying family members.

Personal injury insurance for non-employees (SPS) - a personal injury insurance for non-employees who take part in university activities, for example professor emeritus/emerita. Please note that this insurance only applies to people who reside permanently in Sweden.

Service group life insurance - provides financial protection for your surviving husband, wife, registered partner, cohabitee and children.

Students – fee paying ,FAS+ - insurance for fee paying students. Information is not available in English.

Travel insurance – insurance for all university employees – including registered doctoral students with postgraduate appointments during business travel on behalf of the university.

Vehicles – information is not available in English.