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SEQR: Mobile payment app for parking

As of August 2016 anyone that parks their car at Akademiska Hus and Uppsala University parking areas are able to pay for their parking time using SEQR mobile payment app. 

About “Taxa 2”
Employees and students at Uppsala University that are eligible for Taxa 2 can also pay using SEQR, a check is automatically performed at time of payment.

Benefits with SEQR

  • Pay and extend your parking time directly from your mobile phone.
  • You can choose to receive an optional SMS-reminder when your parking time is about to expire.
  • No need to put a parking ticket in your windshield.
  • No additional hidden costs or fees.
  • Choose to connect SEQR with your bank account or monthly invoicing.

How to get started with SEQR

1. Download SEQR from Google Play, App Store or Windows Phone Store.

2. Open SEQR, read and approve terms and conditions and click continue.

3. Choose your personal pin-code. Make sure to choose a pin-code that you remember as you would do for your bankcard.

4. Input your mobile phone number and your personal number (12-digits).

5. Enter the one-time SMS activation code that is sent to your phone using SMS.

6. Connect your SEQR account with your bank account or apply for a SEQR invoice account.

Who can use SEQR?
Anyone above the age of 18, who have been registered as a resident in Sweden for more than 1 year, and can pass a simple credit check may open an account.

What´s about the security?
Paying with SEQR app is very safe. All information is encrypted and a personal PIN-code is required for each purchase.

If you have any questions about the SEQR app or any technical questions, please contact Seamless at
If you have any questions about your parking, please contact Q-Park at