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DiVA at Uppsala University

DiVA – Academic Archive Online - is Uppsala University's system for digital publishing and for registering publications produced by researchers, teachers and students. Uppsala University Library develops and maintains DiVA.

DiVA at Uppsala University contains more than 30,000 publications in full text, mostly doctoral theses and student papers, but also reports, articles and other types of publications. In addition the database holds around 150,000 references to publications produced by the University's researchers and other employees.

There are several purposes with DiVA: to provide researchers and students at Uppsala University a simple way to store and make their publications visible and available. Information about publications can be displayed on web pages and spread to other databases and finding tools. The information can also facilitate annual reports and statistical analyses.

Users in DiVA

User type

Add publication/ upload files

Edit/delete record Import references Review Publish Claim authorship
Student Yes (only student theses) No No No No No
Staff Yes Yes, your own publications without files, except from doctoral/licentiate theses and student theses Yes No No Yes
Admin Yes Yes, according to group membership Yes Yes, according to group membership Yes, according to group membership


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