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Register and edit research publications

As a researcher or other member of staff at Uppsala University you can register publications and upload full texts to DiVA yourself. At some departments and units registration is done by an administrator.

It is mandatory to register your publications as DiVA provides the basis for statistical analyses and for decisions about the allocation of research funds. Make sure to add the correct department (TekNat: research programme) for all authors from Uppsala University.

Register a publication

Before you start, make sure that your publication is not already in DiVA (search help). If so, edit the existing record if you want to add or edit details. 

If possible, get the reference to your publication from a database or journal website and import it to DiVA (a). Two common reference formats that can be imported to DiVA are BibTex and RIS.

If import is not possible, register details about your publication manually (b).

a) Import a reference

  1. Log in using your University account and password A
  2. Select Import references
  3. Import references
  4. Add organisational affiliation (according to the publication) and full first name for all Uppsala University authors. When you register older publications, be sure to select the institution / department you belonged to at the time of publication, i.e. the organizational affiliation listed in the publication.
  5. When publishing full text: upload the full text as a PDF and accept the publishing conditions
  6. Check that the information is correct and click on Submit

For further instructions and examples see the quick reference guide Import references.

b) Register manually

  1. Log in using your University account and password A
  2. Select Add publication/Upload files
  3. Select publication type
  4. Fill in the information about your publication
  5. When publishing full text: upload the full text as a PDF and accept the publishing conditions
  6. Check that the information is correct and click on Submit

For further instructions see the quick reference guide Register/ publish.

Register dataset in DiVA (in Swedish).

If you want to register a National subject category for your publication on a detailed level you can use a service developed by Linköping University Library.

Publish full text

In DiVA you can upload the full text of all kinds of academic publications, for instance, journal articles, books and reports, and make them freely available.

If you want to upload the full text of a publication that has been published by a publishing house (or is about to be), you must check that the publisher will allow this. Read more about Self-archiving in DiVA. Material published at Uppsala University can normally be uploaded to DiVA, unless a specific agreement exists that forbids it.

After submitting

Information about your publication will be published in DiVA immediately and checked by a librarian afterwards. Attached files will be checked before they are published in DiVA.

Files attached to publications without Uppsala University affiliation and conference papers with unclear copyright status will be archived.

Doctoral theses, licentiate theses and student papers will be checked before they are published in DiVA. This means that you will not be able to see your publication in DiVA immediately after submitting your details.

Edit or delete a publication

For instructions see our quick reference guide Edit, copy or delete a publication.

You may edit/delete records that you have registered yourself, and records where you are the author or editor. You may also edit/delete records where your CAS id has been given as the User name. Only administrators, however, may edit records with full text or other attachments, doctoral/licentiate theses and student theses.  

Contact the DiVA administrator at your department or the DiVA Helpdesk if you need edit a record to which you have no access.

Import from Web of Science

Publications with the affiliation Uppsala University in Web of Science are imported to DiVA on a weekly basis since November 2010. When importing, DiVA Helpdesk adds the organisational affiliation for all Uppsala University authors according to the publication. It is then up to you or your department to check that the correct department (TekNat: research programme) has been added, as we do not always have complete information.

Better visibility

You can find all records that have been registered in DiVA. Once you have uploaded your full text it will be freely available not only in DiVA but also in other finding tools such as Google, OpenAIRE and SwePub. Your publication can be downloaded and read free of charge at any time, which can lead to increased use and more citations.

All publications registered in DiVA (except from student papers) are transferred to SwePub.

Add your ORCID-id in DiVA

It's possible to add your ORCID-id to your publications in DiVA. ORCID, Open Researcher and Contributor ID, is an international researcher identifier that has quickly been adapted by many publishers, research funders, universities and other actors in the research field who need to identify researchers in a consistent way. 

Logotype for ORCIDRegistering for an ORCID id on ORCID's web site is easy. All you need to do is to enter your name and e-mail address and choose a password. It is also possible to add your research interests, CV and other information, if you wish, and to link your ORCID-id to other identifiers such as ResearcherID and LinkedIn. You decide which information you want to make public. When this is done, you can start using your ORCID-id when you submit a manuscript, apply for a grant or other related activities.

You can add your ORCID-id in DiVA when you register or update a publication. Your ORCID-id will also be added through DiVA Helpdesk's weekly import of new publications from Web of Science, provided that your ORCID-id is registered in the WoS record. To make sure this will work, you need to link your ResearcherID to your ORCID id.

Screenshot that shows ORCID-id in DiVA
ORCID id in DiVA

If you want to add your ORCID id to all DiVA records where your Uppsala university user name is registered contact DiVA Helpdesk.

Read more about ORCID: What is ORCID? (ORCID web site).