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DiVA Helpdesk

DiVA Helpdesk is for researchers, students and other employees at Uppsala University. Contact us if you have questions concerning publishing and registering in DiVA as well as open access publishing.

On our FAQ page you can find frequently asked questions and answers about registering and publishing in DiVA. Also, check out the step-by-step descriptions in our quick reference guides and films.

Doctoral students looking for information on thesis publishing and posting see Thesis Production.

You are also welcome to call us if you would like us visit your department and/or hold a course(s).

Contact DiVA Helpdesk for questions about DiVA or open access

Phone: 018-471 39 57 – No answer? Try 070-425 01 44 or send us an e-mail.

The DiVA Helpdesk team

Aina Svensson
Head, open access issues

Urban Ericsson
Repository manager

Johanna Dalmalm
DiVA Helpdesk

Christer Lagvik
DiVA Helpdesk

Ann-Louise Lindström
DiVA Helpdesk

Marie Sörensen
DiVA Helpdesk

Petra Thorsson
DiVA Helpdesk

Erik Åkesson Kågedal
DiVA Helpdesk

Contact for questions about bibliometrics and evaluation

Leif Eriksson