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Student theses for administrators

Does your department want to begin publishing student papers in DiVA?

In order to publish student papers/degree projects in DiVA there must be an administrator at your department who checks that each paper has been passed and can approve its publication. 

Contact DiVA Helpdesk to book an introduction and to help you get started.

We need to know the names of the people who will act as DiVA administrators and which programme, subject/course and possibly series that you want to add in DiVA. We can also arrange for your administrators to be informed by e-mail when a new paper has been registered at your department.

Instructions for administrators are at present in Swedish only: lathunden för administratörer (PDF, opens in new window).

Does your department want to begin archiving student papers digitally in DiVA?

Departments can choose to archive their student papers digitally in DiVA instead of filling their shelves with paper copies. Many departments encourage their students to publish their papers in DiVA. The digital archiving is an activity parallel to this. It is possible to do one or the other, but we do, of course, propose that you publish and archive with us.

All student papers, except from secrecy classified, must be uploaded to DiVA when your department has decided to start archiving student papers digitally.

Before you begin

When your department has decided to start archiving student papers digitally you must inform the Uppsala University archive about your decision. Send an e-mail to

A department that has not yet started publishing its student papers in DiVA should contact DiVA Helpdesk to get the necessary administrator rights and a briefing on the publishing process.

Secrecy classified student theses

  • Secrecy classified student papers must have a secrecy agreement with registration number.

  • The Uppsala University archive recommend that the departments upload all student theses to DiVA, including secrecy classified, but it is up to the departments to decide. Some departments have chosen to handle secrecy classified student papers in paper copies only.

  • Upload a secrecy classified student paper to DiVA: click “Secrecy” and enter the registration number. The secrecy agreement should be stored in the university archive and there is no need to attach the agreement in DiVA
  • The secrecy can be removed only if all involved with the agreement agree to do so.

Users in DiVA

User type

Add publication/ upload files

Edit/delete record Import references Review Publish Claim authorship
Student Yes (only student theses) No No No No No
Staff Yes Yes, your own publications without files, except from doctoral/licentiate theses and student theses Yes No No Yes
Admin Yes Yes, according to group membership Yes Yes, according to group membership Yes, according to group membership