Media contacts

The Media Service, a unit within the Communication Office, is the University’s official media interface. Three press officers with journalistic backgrounds serve as contact persons for journalists interested in access to researchers and for researchers and other University employees looking to reach the extra-University community via the media.
Journalists contact the media service directly on a daily basis with questions relating to a wide range of issues and are put in touch with relevant experts. The web-based Expertanswer service, operated by the Swedish Research Council, represents another channel of access to foreign and Swedish journalists. The media service also sends out press releases about current research and events at the University and arranges press conferences and seminars. We follow current events and propose appropriate researchers for participation in debate and dialogue in the media. We monitor the University’s media profile statistically.

We advise researchers and other University employees with regard to questions like “How do I prepare for an interview?” and “Should I ask to see the text of an article before it is published?” We would be happy to visit your department and explain how journalists work and what you can expect in connection with contacts with them. We have at times arranged for special media training involving external experts.

Please contact us with any kind of exciting news relating to, for example, a pending publication in a scientific journal or a grant award. We can offer assistance in the form of a press release and provide advice with regard to other means of access to Swedish and foreign media, such as the AlphaGalileo Internet press centre.

Material for press releases

Senior Press Officer:
Anneli Waara

Press Officers:
Linda Koffmar
Elin Bäckström