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Ethical review of animal research

According to the Animal Welfare Act approval is required for the use of animals in research. Applications from Uppsala University are to be sent to:

Uppsala djurförsöksetiska nämnd
Uppsala Tingsrätt
Box 1113
751 41 Uppsala

Phone: 018-167200
Fax: 018-167282

General information on animal testing and their importance for medical research is found on the web site djurförsö (in English).

Ethical review of human research

Research on humans must be approved by a Regional Ethical Review Board, including living and deceased people, human biological material, and research involving handling of delicate personal data.

Full information and forms are to found at the web site of the Central Ethical Review Board. Applications from Uppsala University are to be sent to the regional board in Uppsala:

Regionala etikprövningsnämnden i Uppsala 
Box 1964 
751 49 Uppsala

Link to contact information.

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