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Pricing and costs

The offer you receive from us includes basic cost, printing cost and if necessary, cost for archiving / e-publishing in DiVA.

1) Basic cost, 6200:- (excl. printing cost)

You will be assisted with the administrative, technical and graphic work needed for your thesis to be printed and delivered in due time. Among other things we:

  • prepare files for printing,
  • design your cover according to your wishes and guidelines,
  • book and manage contact with one of the university's procured printers.

A PDF proof is included and you must submit and approve your dissertation for printing according to the time plan you received from us. The price applies to all types of thesis.

2) Printing costs

Your thesis is printed by one of the university's procured printers.

3) E-publishing/Archiving in DiVA by template, 4000:-

The cost is billed differently depending on which Disciplinary Domain your faculty belongs to:

  • Doctoral thesis, Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology: the student will be charged 4000 kr
  • Doctoral thesis, Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy: the student will be charged 4000 kr
  • Doctoral thesis, Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences is billed semi-annually for each faculty: 4000:- per thesis. (Not included in the offer)

E-publishing of the summary part (kappa) of a doctoral comprehensive summary is mandatory according to the Vice-Chancellor’s decision. (Link to decision)

Digital long-term archiving in DiVA is mandatory for all doctoral theses in the humanities and social sciences faculties (Link to decision and basis.)


Additional costs

Adjustment to template, 750:-/hour
If you do not have the time to format your text in the thesis template, we can do it for you. You have to contact us in advance to allow us to schedule time and adapt your time plan accordingly.

Editing images and tables, 100:-/pcs
If you want help editing images or formatting your tables, we can assist you. Please contact us in advance of your submission so that we can allocate time and adjust your schedule.

Rush charge, 1000:-/day
If you do not submit your thesis according to the time plan we set up for you, we cannot plan our work effectively, and a rush charge will be added. We will also be unable to guarantee delivery in time for posting.

The printer may also add a rush charge if your thesis is not approved for printing according to the time plan.