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Templates, instructions, and information

The thesis template is made to help you follow the guidelines for theses published at Uppsala University. The template is available for Word and LaTeX. Please read the instructions and download the template that you prefer. We recommend that you use images with non-transparent background and that you can save raster graphics as jpeg with an image size in pixels of about 180 pixels per cm.

Microsoft Word

The Get started document will guide you through the process of installing and creating a new document using the thesis template. Consider starting by doing the Formatting exercise (below) before you start with your own text, and you are warmly welcome to register for the course.


Download the template with instructions for your version of Word:

Mac OS X:

Word 2011 [Zip]

Word 2016 [Zip]



Word 2010 [Zip]

Word 2013 [Zip]

Word 2016 [Zip]

Download the template for your version of Word:

Mac OS X:

Word 2011 [DOCX]

Word 2016 [DOCX]



Word 2010/2013 [DOCX]

Word 2016 [DOCX]


Not sure which version of Word you are using?

Microsoft’s support website:

LaTeX and XeLaTeX

The template is created and tested for TeX Live and works well with other distributions. You are free to include more packages, but you should try to maintain the overall layout.

Note. Thesis Production does not offer support for the LaTeX template. You should have good knowledge of the system to use this template.

Download the Thesis template for LaTeX [ZIP]

TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange Q&A: