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Routines for URA Agreement


1. The department/ equivalent at Uppsala University contacts a HR specialist at the Human Resources Division for information about the Agreement on overseas contracts and guidelines on employment conditions in service abroad (the ‘URA Agreement’), and then writes a URA contract according to the template and checklist. At this stage it is important for the department/ equivalent, jointly with the employee, to report the stationing abroad to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency using form 6220 (Begäran Intyg A1/E101 eller konventionsintyg), i.e. to request an ‘A1/E101 Certificate’ or ‘Convention Certificate’. With this form, the employee applies for a statement of applicable legislation (A1 Certificate or equivalent) and the employer then receives a copy of the certificate. 

2. Recruitment and employment entries are made in EDGAR, unless the person concerned already holds a permanent position at Uppsala University.

3. The contract and filled-in checklist are sent by email to an HR specialist for approval of the final version.

4. Following the HR specialist’s approval, the department/equivalent prints out the document in duplicate for the head of department and employee to sign one copy each. Of the two original copies,

  • one is kept by the employee

  • one is sent to the HR Department with copies, if any, of the A1 Certificate and any residence and work permits for the salary specialists at the HR Department to add to the employee’s personal file.

5. A salary specialist enters details of the URA position abroad in the University’s Primula HR system. 

6. The department/ equivalent takes out a URA insurance policy for the employee. This is done by the department/ equivalent writing to the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency, using the email, and stating: 

  • the name and Swedish Personal ID No. of the person(s) to be covered 

  • the insurance period 

  • the duty station abroad 

  • the invoicing address.

For every such order, the Agency receives an insurance confirmation and an invoice for the premium, which is calculated on the basis of the number of person-days insured.

The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency sends an insurance card as soon as the policy is registered. Some countries require an insurance certificate before the employee’s stationing abroad begins. This certificate is issued by the Agency on request when the URA insurance is taken out.

7. The department/ equivalent gives the employee a copy of, or sends a link to, the insurance terms and conditions of the URA policy.

Content owner: Karin Borner 08-Sep-2016