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Spillage and decontamination of chemicals

Spillage of dangerous chemicals are potentially hazardous to human health and the environment and present an increased risk of accident if the leak is not immediately addressed and effectively disposed of in a safety-conscious manner.

Decontamination equipment

Any part of the University that handles chemicals must provide its own equipment for handling lesser spills. This equipment should include, for instance, absorption materials (such as vermiculite) and protective clothing. It is recommended to store decontamination equipment on a movable cart.

Decontamination of larger spills and spills of an unknown nature

When dealing with more extensive spills or when the type of spilled chemical is unknown, employees should refrain from decontaminating the spill themselves. Close the door to the room containing the spill and take measures to ensure that no unauthorized personnel enter, for instance by labelling the door. Contact RELITA AB at phone number 0771 – 103 500.

The number is manned 24 hours a day. English speaking personnel shall be available to handle calls. Provide as much information as possible on the materials to be decontaminated. Relita shall be on-site and positioned to assist within two hours of a request. Relita can also provide transportation of decontaminated materials.

Incident or accident

Any spillage that cause accidents, for instance skin injuries due to contact with the chemical in question, are to be reported as occupational injuries.

All other spills of harmful chemicals are considered incidents, i.e. an event that could have resulted in personal injury or an accident. These are to be reported to the email address for incident reports.

Please contact the working environment engineer Anna Maria Näslund if you have questions about how to report incidents or accidents.


The contract between Uppsala University and Relita AB is in effect until further notice.

If you have questions about the contract, e.g. prices, please contact the chemical coordinator Annie Engström