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Uppsala University aims to be a healthy workplace. By taking an active interest in the health of our employees, we create a workplace that promotes job satisfaction and personal development.

That our staff enjoys good health and derive satisfaction from their work are important factors for success that pay dividends. The goal of our health-promoting measures at the University is also to strike a balance between work and personal life.

The University strives to maintain good preventive measures to reduce illness, and the procedures for handling existing illness are to be clear and well-defined.

The wellness hour, the fitness activities subsidy and preventive health measures via occupational healthcare are examples of measures meant to prevent work-related illness.

For work-related injuries and illness, the measures are intended to help individuals return to work as early as possible.

In cases where the employee requires healthcare for reasons that are not strictly work-related, the employee is expected to contact his or her family doctor, who may issue a referral to a specialist within the county council.

In the University’s efforts to improve rehabilitation and work re-adjustment, occupational healthcare is an important partner.