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Routines for Salaries Service Unit

The travel expense form and receipts must reach the salaries service unit by the 10th of any month at the latest in order for scrutinity of expenses and authorisation of payments from your manager to take place. Only after approval from your manager can the payment to you be made.

1. Reporting sick – self-reporting via Primula Web or to the Salaries Service Unit

You should report sick on the first day of your sick leave (first sick day), either by way of self-reporting (Primula Web) or directly to the salaries service unit via email or phone. Exactly as at present, when you are off sick for more than seven days you must submit a doctor’s certificate to your administrator at the relevant department. If you are off sick for more than 14 days, you also need to send in a doctor’s certificate to the Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) in order to receive payment during sickness.

When you are back at work, you report you are healthy through self-reporting (Primula Web).

In other respects, the procedures confirmed for your department are applicable.

2. Reclaim of holiday/leave time (not VAB or leave for other appointment)

As employee, you now have the possibility to recover granted holiday or leave time (apart from VAB and leave time for another appointment) by self-reporting in Primula Web.

3. Travel expense forms and receipts checked and filed by Salaries Service Unit

Travel expense forms are handled by self-reporting. One change is that the travel expense form and all receipts (after they have been attached clearly to back) shall be sent to the salaries service unit for checking and filing.


4. One –day-trip

You can report several travels in one form in Primula web as long as you haven’t stayed overnight. For instance, this form is suitable to use if you have had expenses for recurring travels between Uppsala and Stockholm or other nearby cities.

5. Expenses (non-travel) handled exactly like travel expense forms

Other out-of-pocket expenses which are not connected with travel will be handled in a similar way to the handling of travel expense forms, as described above.

6. Travel expense forms and expenses connected with EU projects

Travel expense forms and expenses (non-travel) in connection with EU projects are handled, as described above, with the following additions: with travel expense form and expenses (non-travel), you scan your receipts and attach the file with your scanned receipts to your case file in Primula Web. You also enclose electronic documentation to verify the purpose of your travel (e.g. a meeting invitation or a meeting agenda) before you send your case file for checking and authorisation. The file with your scanned receipts and the documentation to verify the purpose of the travel both need to be enclosed in your case file in Primula Web before it is sent.

7.Fitness subsidy

A subsidy of SEK 2,000 per employee and year is paid for wellness and keep-fit activities. Out-of-pocket expenses (e.g. for keep-fit card) are made by the employee and are self-reported in Primula Web.

8. Advance on travel reimbursement

9. Notification of work-related travel  

In connection with travel, an application form for work-related travel can be completed. The notification of work-related travel is carried out using self-reporting in Primula Web. It is up to each department/equivalent to determine the rules and guidelines that apply within the department for notification of work-related travel.

10.Taxable benefits

Taxable benefits can now be self-reported in the Primula Web.

a. Membership fees (in e.g. associations and clubs related to work)

If you have spent money on a membership fee you self-report your expense in Primula Web  under “travel/expense/benefits” (resor/utlägg/förmåner), “non-travel expense” (utlägg ej resa).

Where, instead, you have invoiced the department then this is handled automatically and you will be taxed for the benefit through your salary.

b.Taxable benefits: parking

11. Compensation for Healthcare

You self-report your expenses for healthcare (i.e. medicine and doctor´s visits) via Primula Web. Receipts (only originals are accepted) are sent, exactly as in the case with travel expense forms, expenses and fitness subsidy directly to the salaries service unit together with the list of your expenses from Primula. This applies to medicines and doctor’s visits etc. in accordance with the general agreement on salaries and benefits.

12. Information on agreements concerning salaries and benefits, pension issues and individual enquiries


Contact details, Salaries Service Unit