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Travel expense reports have to be registered in Primula directly after the end of your business trip. To get your reimbursement for allowance and any travel expenses you have had during your business trip you have to send the original receipts together with the travel form. You send the basis by internal mail to “Personalavdelningen, Löneenheten”.

Be observant that you have to send in the travel expense report at the latest one year after the end of your trip. Otherwise you are not entitled to get reimbursement. (Villkorsavtal/Villkorsavtal-T, 10 kap. 11 §). Receipts can not be older than 12 months.

Preventive healthcare

Apply för preventive healthcare in Primula
Instructions - manual preventive healthcare
Collection page, preventive healthcare

Parking benefit

Register your parking benefit in Primula
Instructions - manual parking benefit
Collection page, parking benefit

Travel expenses - one-day trip

Apply for reimbursement for travel expenses for One-day-trip in Primula
Instructions - manual travel expenses, One-day-trip 
Collection page, travel expenses, one-day-trip

Travel expenses - domestic

Apply for reimbursement for domestic travel expenses in Primula
Instructions- manual travel expenses - domestic
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Travel expenses - international

Apply for reimbursement for international travel expenses in Primula
Instructions - manual travel expenses - international
Collection page, international travel expenses

Travel expenses/ other expenses within EU projects

Information about travel expenses/ other expenses within EU projects 

Healthcare allowance

Apply for healthcare allowance in Primula
Instructions - manual healthcare allowance
Collection page, healthcare allowance

Other expenses

Apply for reimbursement for other expenses in Primula
Instructions - manual reimbursement for other expenses
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