Travel expenses

Wellness subsidy

Apply for wellness subsidy in Primula
Instructions - manual wellness subsidy 
Collection page, wellness subsidy

Parking benefit

Register your parking benefit in Primula
Instructions - manual parking benefit
Collection page, parking benefit

Healthcare allowance

Apply for healthcare allowance in Primula
Instructions - manual healthcare allowance
Collection page, healthcare allowance

Other expenses 

Apply for reimbursement for other expenses in Primula
Instructions - manual one-day travel/other expenses
Collection page, one-day travel/other expenses

Overtime, extra time and TOIL

Report worked hours in Primula
- manual overtime, additional hours and TOIL
Collection page, overtime, additional hours and TOIL

Hourly wages (pilot project hourly wages)

Report worked hours in Primula
manual hourly remuneration for teaching and other hourly remuneration (pilot project hourly wages)
manual hourly remuneration, exam attendant (pilot project hourly wages)
Collection page, hourly wages (pilot project hourly wages)


Original receipts are required for reimbursement