Uppsala University employs the national retirement service Enklare pensionshantering hos Statens tjänstepensionsverk (SPV). This means that SPV is entrusted with handling all pension administration on behalf of Uppsala University and directly answering questions from the University’s employees.

What does SPV do?

  • Answers questions via phone and email from anyone that works with personnel administration.
  • Answers questions concerning occupational pension and group life benefits from the employees of the University.
  • Monitors the University’s rate of retirement.
  • Contacts the employee ahead of retirement, sends a pension prognosis and service records and administers the application for old-age retirement.
  • Updates pensionable employment information for newly hired staff.
  • Supports the University in maintaining a high quality in the pensionable salary report to SPV.

If you want to read more about your occupational pension you can do it at

Everyone who has earned pension in Sweden can log on to the pension portal and see their entire pension and make pension forecasts.

Here you can read more about partial pension


SPV: Tel: 060-18 76 00 Email:
The Swedish Pensions Agency- tel: 0771-776 776, web page: